We advise on a financial, commercial and tax level, as well as prepare local societies for the development of a business.

Our Mission

In the business world today, it is essential to prepare companies to be global, technology and communication allow you to quickly replicate business.
Our team aims to collaborate in strategy to our customers worldwide. 

Fund Raising

We are specialists in obtaining funds for the development of a business and we partner to expand its possibilities of becoming a global project. We look for business opportunities, local partners and arm companies to launch into the stock market. 

Business Leaders

We participate in the most important events in the financial, political and blockchain world, generating the dialogue channels for obtaining objectives for our clients. 


We advise on a financial, commercial and tax level, as well as prepare local societies for the development of a business. 

We advise on a financial, commercial and tax level, as well as prepare local societies for the development of a business.

Our Team


Miguel Gimenez Zapiola

Dir. Business Strategy
Latin America

Highly innovative and creative executive and business owner with over 20 years’ experience within business development management as a consultant to governments and worldwide companies. Experienced adviser investor, funds and consultancies. Michael was CEO and Director of many important Argentinian companies.


Antonio Héctor Cejuela

Financial Advisory

Executive with more than 20 years of experience in Economics and Finance; Proactive and innovative with an important business vision and ability to understand the economic and political contexts that define the direction and behavior of our businesses.

Specialties: Economic Analysis, Portfolio Management, Structuring and restructuring of debt, analysis of investment projects and cash flows, tax planning, Strategic planning and management control.


Francesco Maria Bartoloni

Dir. Business Strategy
Africa / Middle East & Italy

Sales, and Communication expert in PR/Advertising/Event management and Road to Market distribution Skills to generate long-term networking could help any company achieve its goals. Active and potential clients will be impressed about my job approach and & human relation. Meticulous management of my accounts it will allow long-lasting relationships to be formed..


Sven Moeller

Dir. Business Strategy

Sven Möller has joined the project as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is also currently Head of Initial Coin Offering at the Swisscom Blockchain AG in Zürich and was working for Ernst and Young before that.
During his career he was involved in the development of several applications and is now responsible for the general ICO management at the Swisscom Blockchain AG. This includes the management of technical solutions, Smart Contracts, marketing and overlooking the general strategy. 


Samuel Muoto

Chief Officer

A Senior Executive with global experience (executive and advisory) of both publicly quoted and private (regulated and non regulated) companies across: Energy, Power, Financial Services, Insurance in both B2C and B2B markets. Team leadership and management of all aspect of Finance and operations . Ability to link operations and Finance and critical in risk assessment. Strong in controllership, integrity and compliance oriented executive.  


Allan Kilavuka

Chief Officer
Kenia / Ethiopia

Allan has over 22 years of working experience, He is currently the acting Group Managing Director and Chief Executive officer at Kenya Airways PLC and also Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Jambojet. He started his career at Deloitte and then General Electric Company where he held various senior leadership positions in their Sub Saharan Africa businesses before joining Jambojet. He has extensive experience in strategy, business development, business process improvement, financial leadership and strategy, people leadership, offshoring, controllership & compliance, business start ups, process design and Financial Planning & Analysis. He has operated throughout Africa and has vast experience in doing business in Africa.  


Rafael Lerena

Financial Specialist UK

Profile specialist in debt consolidation, fundraising and financial structuring, Contributes to companies in order to grow and take debt in an orderly manner. Extensive contacts with governments and companies in the region.


Khaled Abdel Nasser

Consultant specialist in Egypt

Offering a significant build up of new international social relations, by providing the expertise to link and navigate the challenges posed by the rapidly changing business conditions.

Linking and assisting International corporations with Middle eastern/African firms and governments, to penetrate their diverse markets and contribute to the listed mega projects within the region.

Offering a full fledged solution by consulting international corporations tendering in major government and private projects.


Luis Bianchi

IT Consulting Manager

Senior Information Technology Executive with +10 years experience in leadership positions and proven ability to develop high impact IT solutions.
A known leader, negotiator, change agent and strategic thinker. Excellent interpersonal skills to establish teamwork, assign roles and responsibilities.
Innovative IT Manager specialized in Information and Communication Technologies and project management.
Leadership focused on leveraging alliances and opportunities among project’s stakeholders.
Proficiency to promoting projects and ideas, engaging associates, as well as, create common vision and reach agreements.

Our Work

Presence in more than 20 countries

Financial and economic advisory

Implementation of new technologies

Business strategy development

Private advice

Participation in international events

Our Investments

This are some of our most important investments for this year.


Eurtel DataCenter

Realize a technological infrastructure suitable for the role that the district plays - as the business center of the capital - capable of attracting the presence of large IT networks, in order to provide advanced telematic services to businesses and citizens..



H4PAY is the NEW standard for digital payments.



WAYA is a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment developed by WAYA Multi-link Limited in November 2018. WAYAApp is designed to ease the problems of transactions in Nigeria.


AVR Spot

AVRspot is a creative technology agency with an outstanding team of experts who build world-class AR/VR solutions. We transform the way people purchase homes, decorate spaces, or get a first-rate education by providing them with cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, object recognition and motion tracking, photogrammetry, as well as 3D laser scanning.




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